ONE DIRECTION – Where We Are Tour 2014 :)


- Poncho Power ;)

So tonight I went to see 1D live at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light and it was AWESOME! Yes it was raining, yes it was cold and yes I was wearing a PONCHO (a big no-no in my book, but at least I wasn’t drenched! And I did make it slightly more fashionable later on FYI, tied it at the back and made it shorter so it wasn’t all loose and flappy! haha) but it was great! Big thanks to my Auntie Louise and my cousins for getting me a ticket!

So to start we almost didn’t get there because, sods law, we lost the tickets before we set off but luckily found them… IN THE BIN! THANK GOD THEY WERE FOUND! hahaha but we got there in the end and had an absolute blast! 5SOS (5 Seconds of Summer) were a really good support act but 1D were incredible… but… NIALL HORAN WAS THE BEST! (but I may be slightly biased… Okay VERY biased, can’t quite describe how his Geordie accent made me feel –  It was REALLY good) ;)

Also, I think I might have gone deaf – Thanks screaming 12 year olds… but what can you expect, after all, it is One Direction! One of my favourite things to do with my time is go to see concerts and theatre etc, live shows! Spending money on experience rather than possession, something I mentioned in my last post and now I can safely tick 1D off the ever growing list :) Now I just need to get off this after show buzz so I can get some sleep!

Goodnight from me! – Lewis :)


- Thats me in the back! SELFIE :)

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