They say the first step to recovery is admitting your problem, so here it goes… I’m a shopaholic! Okay, I’m not as bad as some shopaholics I’ll admit but I do love to shop and buy new things whether it be clothes, accessories, tech, health and beauty products or whatever it is, if I like it I want it!

Today I bought a new pair of New Balance 565 shoes from Schuh after being indecisive on which pair to get for weeks but I finally bit the bullet and got them! I always go to Schuh because the shoes are often cheaper than its competitors, they have a great returns policy, the staff are awesome and to top it off they give 10% Student Discount. Wins all round! I could have bought a lot more today if I wanted, I had to practically drag myself out of Superdry (My favourite clothes store!) where I could have easily spent about £250! And thats not accounting for all the other shops like Topman and Next that I could have spent in too.  My biggest weakness is shoes, I love shoes but I am really picky, as I am with almost everything and it’s just a shame they’re always so damn expensive.

I’ve gotten a lot worse with shopping at the minute for two main reasons; I finally developed a fashion sense and I lost a lot of weight which means I had nearly anything that fit me other than a few outfits and I got tired of wearing the same thing over and over again and thinking people were noticing and I like variety.

The sad thing is I have barely any income, right now i’m living off the last of my student loan which at the rate my Champagne lifestyle goes by, won’t last very long. Next month I start my placement on a salary paid position but as its a placement isn’t substantial and with my outgoings being reasonably large thanks to rent and bills and everything else I mentioned in my last post (The Advantaged!) and having to save for things such as car insurance, road tax etc that are due annually opposed to monthly, meaning I have to get a lot better at managing my money! As a result I won’t have a lot of expendable cash and my beloved Champagne lifestyle will have to dwindle and I now have to prioritise. Of course I could let this get me down or I could use this to boost me in my career so I can have the kind of expendable cash I want for the future.

Also, I recently spent £150 on as I’m a sucker for a good discount and UniDays occasionally gives 25% off on Asos and also gives other discounts, so it’s well worth signing up! Not to mention the other £200 odd I previously spent on Asos the last time they had a discount offer… Okay maybe I do have a slight problem.

As well as shoes I also have a big thing for watches! One day I will own a Rolex! But for now a Tissot, Hugo Boss or the likes of would be great! A stainless steel, big faced timepiece to accompany a nice suit, shirt or even casual wear!

At the end of the day I like to have new things, things change so quickly these days it’s nice to stay up to date although somethings will always remain ‘classic’ like a watch or a type of clothing style you suit and smart wear! Always a classic!

My perfect shopping day: This would have to include a large shopping mall or street with lots of stores, a good friend, a restaurant lunch with a bottle of wine and then champagne and cocktails! An expensive yet perfect day!

If you have any fashion comments or questions or anything else you want to say about this topic then comment on this past and let me know! Follow my twitter for photos and retweets of fashion and my love for all things shopping and Champagne Lifestyle and mainly my Instagram for countless selfies and images of my purchases. I know this is a fairly long post, I tried to keep it as short as possible but there is just so much I could say! Follow any of my social media to keep up to date.

Thanks – Lewis :)

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